Responsible Gaming

Gambling is quite a fun endeavour enjoyed by millions of individuals in New Zealand and worldwide. While some people can perfectly control themselves and enjoy playing casino games, others can experience detrimental effects on their health and well-being. Some people can gamble responsibly, but it can be a slippery slope that leads to ruin to others. Gambling can even lead to financial problems, addiction, and even criminal activity.
While it’s technically accurate that some people are lucky enough to win millions of dollars. Yet, at the same time, some players develop a strong addiction, which can be complex to overcome. For them, the allure of gambling can be too strong to resist. They may start with small bets, but they are gambling away large sums of money before they know it. It can lead to financial problems, as the individual may not pay their bills or mortgage. That’s why it’s the right time to look at how to recognize the problem early and learn what to do with it. If you’ve ever felt that gambling brings more negativity than positive thinking, the following signs, tips & tricks, and information on seeking help will be helpful.

How to Recognize the Problem

The problem gambler is someone who can’t resist the temptation to gamble, even though it has negative consequences for their life. They may have difficulty controlling their gambling and may gamble even when they can’t afford to. Problem gamblers may also lie to cover up their gambling or get others to finance their bets. Still, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the signs and symptoms of gambling addiction can vary from person to person.
Even though there are contextual differences in people who have issues with gambling, they all show some common signs of potential problems. Recognizing the problem is just the first step to overcoming the issue with gambling. That’s why it’s of paramount importance to start reflecting on your gaming patterns. Below, you’ll find some of the common issues problematic gamblers face at least once. Check them out to self-educate yourself on the matter and be conscious of this problem.

You Lose too Much Money

Getting too ambitious regarding another casino game is still normal behaviour. The first sign of severe gambling problems happens when you lose grip on how much you spend. Some players still know how much they lose, but others quickly forget to control their gameplay expenses. If you cannot answer a question about how much money you’ve gambled over the last few days, it’s undoubtedly a sign of problematic behaviour. It might also happen that some people start to increase the stakes to make up for your losses. It might result in playing for more extended periods, betting more money, or playing riskier games.

Gambling Consumes your Mind

Another warning sign you should look for is a complete obsession with a specific game or gambling as a whole. If you’re spending all your time in an online casino NZ, it’s a clear sign that you’ve developed a problem. The addictive nature of real money gambling can show itself precisely during the moments when you’re exclusively thinking about gaming. Sometimes, people also struggle to change the topic or think about their chores, errands, or other daily routines. Once you feel that gambling is your only thought during a casual day, it’s the right time to ring the bells and start working on overcoming this issue.

You Feel Bad

When it comes to another peculiar feature of real money gambling, feeling bad stands out. One can feel disoriented, pessimistic, restless, and irritable when having issues with real money gaming. It’s also common for some people to have an appetite and sleep problems, which signal that addiction also concerns your physical well-being. Please note that the primary intention of any gambling site is to be joyful and entertaining but not bring discomfort or negativity. That’s why if you feel the latter, it’s probably the right idea to step back and reflect on it for a while.

You Sleep Bad

Remember we mentioned appetite and sleep issues in the previous section? Let’s take a closer look at the sleeping part, which is often quite underestimated in people with gambling addiction. Some people sleep less than they should because of overthinking about games, while others stay longer nights in fruitless attempts to win what they previously lost. Regardless of the reason behind not sleeping well, it could be one of the first warning signs that you should seek help. If you suspect that you have problems with gambling addiction, track how well you were sleeping recently and stay longer for another Poker session or two.

How Can I Stay in Control?

There is no definitive answer to the question of how to stay in control. Some players find self-control easier when they avoid gambling altogether, while others find that strict limits on money help them stay in control. It is also important to remember that gambling can be addictive, so it is essential to be vigilant about your gambling habits and be honest with yourself about whether you can gamble responsibly.
While it’s complicated to voice universal recommendations to all people with problematic gambling patterns, specific tips still work. Some players will surely benefit from taking a more extended break from your favourite online casino. For others, setting strict limits on how much time and money is spent is a must. Besides these general recommendations, you can also benefit from taking breaks when you’re not feeling well. Such situations include stress, frustration, or feeling unwell. Below, our team has compiled practical recommendations that help stay in control when gambling for real money. Regardless of if you’re in the risk group and how many problematic gaming symptoms you show, these tips help you stay controlled for a longer time. Read on.

Set Budget with Limits

First and foremost, you should look closely at how much you’re willing to spend on your gambling endeavours. Since different players have various financial restrictions, this point is entirely individual and contextual. Some factors to consider when setting your limit include how much money you have to spend, how much you can afford to lose, and how often you plan to gamble. It’s also crucial, to be honest with yourself and set realistic limits. Our universal tip for all players is to highlight wise limits on how much you can spend daily, weekly, and monthly.

Set Time Limit

Yet another recommendation we have for you is to set time limits when it comes to online casinos. You might lose the reality grip and stay longer hours just to enjoy a vibrant Roulette or Poker game. Yet, the time limit for gambling for real money should be set at two or three hours. This limit will allow players to have a fun and enjoyable experience without overextending themselves. Don’t forget that online gameplay is not an unyielding commitment, and you can close the window anytime. After all, playing your favourite games with an a-few-hour limit is better than crawling through a gaming catalogue for hours late in the night.

Set Priorities

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to gambling. However, some things to consider when making your decision include the overall house edge of the game, the payout percentage of winning bets, and the betting limits. Additionally, you may want to factor in how accessible the game is, whether or not you can play for free, and whether or not there are bonuses available.
Besides these gameplay-related nuances, reflect on what goals do you have as a whole. After spinning a wheel just a few times, some players will feel satisfaction while others can only feel joy after huge winnings. As it is happening with time and money limits, stay realistic on why you start gambling in the first place.

Responsible Gambling Tips

Responsible gambling has often been deemed a cornerstone of the ethical functioning of this niche. While it’s true that real money gambling is only entertainment, specific individuals can get too much of it. Addiction can happen to anyone, meaning that all customers should be aware of a potential problem.
If you’re gambling responsibly, you’ll never lose more money than you planned to or overextend your stay in front of your laptop late in the night. It’s also worth noting that any respected online casino in New Zealand has a dedicated section enlisting responsible gambling rules. Once you establish the rules on behaving yourself, you’ll significantly decrease your odds of becoming a problematic gambler.
Either way, we’re proud to share some of the industry-standard responsible gambling tips, which all players should follow. These tips range from playing sober to remembering that any online casino is just an entertaining pastime in the first place. Do note that if you feel any issues with gambling right now, it’s always better to contact a specialist. Those who’ve just started their real money gameplay adventure will surely educate themselves on the following responsible gambling tips.

Think About Casino as Fun and Entertainment, not a way of Making Money

One of the most widespread misconceptions regarding real money gambling in New Zealand is that it can be viewed as work. An online casino can be a fun and entertaining way to pass the time, but it should not be viewed to make money. The only way to consistently make money with a gambling website is to land a job there. From a player standpoint, all those hundreds of casino games with favourable house edges are still the ways to have fun. Once you realize that online gambling is no more than a fun pastime, you’re unlikely to have those obsessive thoughts on breaking the casino bank.

Bet Money Which You don’t Afraid to Lose

Sometimes, inexperienced players make huge bets and lose all their bank money in just a few clicks. That’s why you should be conscious of the wagering limit and how much you can spend as a whole. We’ve already recommended highlighting strict limits on daily, weekly, and monthly periods.
These amounts should be something you are comfortable risking and something you are not afraid to lose. This way, you won’t be tempted to continue gambling once you have lost all of your money. Get ready that you can lose some money and still have a great gambling evening because no one can guarantee you a huge win every time you log into your online casino.

Play Sober

Problem gambling can lead to negative consequences for both the gambler and their loved ones. You can avoid these situations just by staying sober when gambling. It means not drinking alcohol or using any other drugs that can impair your judgment. For instance, thinking critically about what game to choose and what strategy to implement can be crucial for Blackjack. What’s more, if you have issues controlling yourself while being drunk, don’t think that gambling would be a different scenario. So, just stay and play sober every time you access an online casino to have fun and control yourself at ease.

Stop Playing After Third Lose

When trying to avoid obsessive gambling, it’s essential to avoid any possible triggers that may cause you to relapse. One such trigger may be playing after losing three times in a row. It can put you in a situation where you are more likely to keep gambling to win back your lost money. In most cases, it’s more crucial not to lose your temper and have some gambling fun another time than to get angry or irritated on your loss. Just give it a go and come back in some time!

How Can I Seek Help?

If you are worried that you or someone you know may have a gambling problem, there are several ways to seek help. You can start by talking with your friends and relatives and being honest and straightforward regarding your issue. Then, it’s crucial to contact competent specialists from various organizations. These organizations can be found both in New Zealand and across the globe. Below, we’ll enlist some long-standing organizations that help with gaming addictions and obsessive scenarios. Our universal recommendation is to abstain from gambling for some time while you still can and be vocal about your issue. Just remember that there is nothing shameful concerning developing a problem gambling behaviour. If you have had any experiences with your friends or acquaintances who had similar issues, contact them for help. Still, the best choice is to contact one of the narrowly-specialized organizations, which you can find below.

New Zealand Organizations which can Help

New Zealand is no exception for competent organizations, which can help individuals combat problem gambling. The most widespread one is the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand, mainly funded through the Ministry of Health. It has a few clinics operating with face-to-face services readily available.
Some other organizations that help to work with gambling addiction are Gambling Helpline and Gamblers Anonymous. They both focus on providing competent peer support, anonymity, and complex approaches to tackle problem gambling. Don’t forget that Gambling Helpline works 24/7, providing superb counselling, up-to-date information on gambling, and support for families of people struggling with problem gambling.
Because the mentioned Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand is funded through the Ministry of Health, it is a central institution to contact. The local context is that there are no hundreds of dispersed organizations, which deliver accurate and responsible help. Still, if you want to contact a local organization, you’re welcome to do so. Don’t forget that all New Zealanders get free counselling when contacting specialized services after reporting on the personal problem gambling issue. For more information, check out the Problem Gambling Foundation website to know what is currently offered.


While it only seems that responsible gambling is just a guideline, it’s not an imagined problem. Thousands of people stressed themselves enough to ask for help, and you shouldn’t be on this list. Thanks to plenty of preventive and responsible gambling tips, online casinos should be just a form of entertainment for conscious individuals. If you feel that you’re losing a grip on how much money or time you spend, it’s the right time to set smart and practical limits.
Please remember that there are plenty of ways to gamble responsibly. Our recommendations range from setting limits on how much you spend to remembering that online casinos are just one form of entertainment. Once you feel that you have a bad mood because of the gambling session, it’s the right time to step back and self-reflect. However, if you feel obsessed with real money gaming, take your time to contact specialized organizations, such as the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand, Gambling Helpline, or Gamblers Anonymous.


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